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Advanced Serum is the product that will give your skin a natural summer glow...

Full to the brim with vibrant, fresh ingredients that are 100% raw, and expertly combined for the purpose of penetrating deep into the skin!
The Gordon Parks Foundation supports and produces artistic and educational initiatives that advance the legacy and vision of African-American photographer Gordon Parks.

Parks used the arts as a vehicle to further what he describes as "the common search for a better life and a better world".

The Gordon Parks Foundation preserves the work of Gordon Parks and makes it permanently available to the public.

This beautiful photograph is titled, 'Boy with June Bug, Fort Scott, Kansas, 1963'. and is courtesy of the @gordonparksfoundation
I love the brand ethos of the @aiayustore_oslo. The company was founded on the principle that true beauty is a reflection of an object’s integrity.

The beautiful linen that they make embodies quality and respect for nature...

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There are both physical and mental benefits from expressing yourself by creating something. Art offers an outlet and a release from daily stressors. With pottery you can produce something and express yourself in some way!

Appreciating the sacred, raw elements of pottery and the pleasing minimal and muted colours. I hope you will all enjoy expressing yourself this weekend...

Blessings, Cecilie xx

📸: @marisawanefalea
This beautiful photograph of two Asian girls fills my heart with joy 💛 It reminds me that I am lucky to have travelled often, gathering inspiration and cherished memories. 

ISUN embodies this philosophy and stands by principles of 'do no harm' in respect for each other and the environment 🌍

📸: Beautiful photograph by @nickwakeman, shot in Vietnam in 1973
Feel the effects of living skin care and fall in love with the feeling of ISUN.

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💌 Blessings Cecilie
Wishing all of my friends a lovely weekend ahead...

📸 : This beautiful image was taken by @hildemork78, a great artist that I've been so lucky to work with. I deeply respect her work and how she captures wonderful moments...

Dear Hilde, thank you 🤍
The creation of Ormus Myst begins with a trek by our ISUN team to harvest the pristine water from the source of a lively spring gushing out of a mountainside at 9,600ft. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Elevating essential oils are infused into spiralling water as we hold our intention for the mist to impart the subtle energies of Love, Peace, Joy & Awareness 🤍