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And with the arrival of August, we feel a tiny shift.

We are ready for even more bright, late nights, walking to work and taking an evening bath, eating lots of ice cream and new moments!

📸: @hildemork78
This picture takes me back to my childhood - evocative of summertime adventures and beautiful greenery in the wilderness.

Wishing for more laughter and light ✨

Blessings, Cecilie

📸: @slow_roads
Our blend of exotic oils infused with herbs are rich in silky moisturising fatty acids and give your skin a gorgeous golden glow - especially when you're having fun in the sun. The memorable cocoa aroma is a sensual treat! 🥥🌞
In the summer I really find peace.

Slowing down here in Norway, and just enjoy ing life with the family and my daughter Sole.

Beautiful inspiration shot by @amberlyvalentine ✨
This majestic animal is a being that depicts courage and freedom 🐴

Horses symbolise natural forces mastered by human beings.

Beautiful video by @innedesign 🤍
An elegantly decorated setting that gives pride of place to strong pieces and statement accents. This is also an important feng shui practice...

Spaces that are completely full block the flow of 'chi', life-giving vital energy, into your home and your life.

Too many things on the shelves can the flow of new information and knowledge, remember that the more minimal you can go, the better!

📸: @slow_roads
This rich and nourishing ISUN Skin Restore Body Oil is composed of a sensuous, earthy blend of essential oils offers an enticing aroma to warm your senses.

“When you smell it, it’s like you’re walking into somebody’s garden. It's got that kind of life and vitality to it.”, kind words by Lisa Eldridge, make up artist ✨
Even if there is limited travel for us at the moment, we should be allowed to dream - and we always will!

Just as it is, new destinations are noted down on the list of places we want to visit.

Gorgeous destination inspiration by the wonderful @thefaceofelegance
Keeping it simple with whites, creams and neutrals - my go to colour palette !

A beautiful inspiration shot by @houseofgreylondon
Starting another wonderful day it is important to notice the everyday beauty that surrounds us...

Make sure to take time to pause and show gratitude 😌

This incredible photo of French architecture by @chateausonoma