Powerful in Purpose

With the arrival of October, a month devoted to the vital cause of Breast Cancer Awareness, ISUN extends its wholehearted support. For the entire month, the packaging for Ormus Myst, our signature face and body mist will undergo a transformation. This unveiling we hope will transcend the surface; showing our commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder with all those affected by breast cancer, resounding with the hearts of countless individuals all over the world.

"Our commitment to showcasing our support for Breast Cancer Awareness extends far beyond the mere aesthetics of our pink packaging. We hope it serves as a testament to our belief that true beauty encompasses not only what meets the eye but also the positive impact we create as a conscious collective. At ISUN, we take immense pride in aligning with this vital cause because we recognize that beauty resonates in acts of compassion and our united efforts for change.

By adorning Ormus Myst packaging in pink, we hope to remind the world that unity and awareness can be as transformative as our product itself. It's our privilege to be a part of this meaningful journey, and we stand unwaveringly beside those affected by breast cancer, offering not just our mist, but our heartfelt support, love and hope.

We can announce that proceeds from every sale of Ormus Myst this month will be dedicated to cancer support.  ~ The ISUN Team

The Purity of Ormus
Our journey to create Ormus Myst started high in the beautiful San Juan Mountain range of Colorado, where we stumbled upon a pristine spring nestled at an altitude of 9,600 feet. This water source felt truly special, there was a vibrancy about it. Within this pure water, Ormus thrives, housing highly conductive single atoms of precious metals like gold and platinum in a rare liquid form. Functioning as a natural conductor of energy, Ormus serves as a channel for the effortless flow of vitality, reinvigorating and enriching our holistic wellbeing.

ISUN Ormus Mountain Spring Water for Ormus Myst Mist

In our commitment to harness the therapeutic capacity of this water, our team embarks on a hike through the mountains to collect it. This water is brimming with the essence of the untouched wilderness and forms the heart and soul of Ormus Myst.

This mist embodies purity and healing and reminds us of the purity of hope, and support in the face of this challenging disease.
Drawing in Positive Energy
Ormus Myst taps into the natural energy of clear quartz gemstones and the living water itself. Just as crystals absorb and amplify the gentle energetic values of the world, Ormus Myst captures and magnifies this energy which our skin is receptive to as a highly sensory organ. When you use the mist, it doesn’t have to be a simple skincare act; it's an opportunity to connect with the subtle energies around us.

To make the most of this experience, consider turning a quick spritz into a mindful moment. As you feel the mist enveloping you, take a deep breath and allow yourself to notice the steadiness of your breath. You can set an intention for healing, positivity or tranquillity with each spray, creating an opportunity to reconnect with yourself.

Every bottle of Ormus Myst is infused with clear quartz, a crystal renowned for its potential to enhance mental clarity and inner empowerment.

Channeling Nature’s Wisdom
Our mist is made of ethically sourced, biodynamic, wildcrafted and organic essential oils of Jasmine, Rose and Sacred Frankincense.
These ingredients, nurtured by mineral-rich soils and nourished by sunlight synergize together with our mountain spring water to not only enhance skin hydration but to also energize the spirit. It is a mist that is vibrantly alive.

As we celebrate the natural world through these revitalizing ingredients, we are reminded of the preciousness and fragility of life and existence. In this spirit, the proceeds of each purchase go towards supporting cancer awareness.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Pretty in pink, powerful in purpose – Ormus Myst is beauty bottled with a heart, a soul and a mission. Allow it to be your sacred ritual, your connection to the purity of nature and your way of making a meaningful impact.

29 november, 2023 — Tracey Annette Drabloes