“ISUN is a celebration of our belief that dynamic and luminous quality of youth projected through the skin, can be captured simply by embracing the rhythm and flow of perfection that exists within the laws of nature and are manifest in our physical world.”
~ Bunnie Gulick, Founder

ISUN founder and product formulator and manufacturer, Bunnie Gulick, began her career in the wellness industry in the 1970s as a practising clinical nutritionist, educator and health supplement formulator. In the early 1980s as the educator and product developer for a health supplement company in Italy, she formulated and developed a line of supplements based on anti-ageing and antioxidants. The products were well-received, and around 1985, the company asked Bunnie to create a skincare line to compliment the supplements. 

Research in ageing and rejuvenation of the skin led her to formulate one of the first, if not the very first line of botanical skincare products based on antioxidants, a word unknown in the beauty industry. The discovery of this exciting and rapidly growing field of natural skincare piqued her interest and enthusiasm to further her education in botanical cosmetic formulation and manufacturing. From that point, Bunnie developed and ultimately manufactured many wonderful brands of skincare products for other companies. With the growing body of scientific validation of the amazing benefits of plants for skin health, repair and regeneration becoming more available, and the eventual movement toward ‘organic’, each brand she created was better than the one before, and her excitement grew exponentially!

Around age 58, after years of study, product formulation, development and manufacturing experience, and having had success in both the wellness and beauty industries, an intense feeling pulled at Bunnie’s heart to meld all this with an inner calling to help uplift others in a deeper way.  To her, it was clear the new brand she had envisioned and would create (ISUN), would give undeniable youthful radiance to skin and inspire much more. Working with living plant-life, advanced energy and cold-processing techniques, and empowered by a deep, heart-felt intention that is healing and uplifting, this new brand creation would also support total body, mind and spirit wellbeing. In 2006, ISUN was born.

Inspiring and uplifting others in varied ways, and teaching about our connection with all life through the Light that exists within us the same as it does in others and the living plants that form ISUN products, is Bunnie’s passion and truth. 

In her early 70’s, Bunnie is a youthful and radiant example of all that ISUN offers and aspires to teach. She lives in her Colorado mountain wilderness home on 40 acres surrounded by national forest abundant with aspen and spruce trees and blessed with year-round flowing water. Bunnie lives an active, positive and healthy lifestyle balanced with meditation and spiritual practices. Her religion is the religion of Love.

When I came to understand the truth of our inner nature as pure Light and Love and understood the connection of oneness we share with all life, I had my own personal experience of feeling and knowing how the Light, or life-force energy in the plant kingdom fuses and interacts with our own and profoundly impacts our total being - mind, spirit and body, including our skin. Having this knowledge, nothing else was real. The key was to source the highest life-force energies in nature and to keep their life-force energies alive.

Once accomplished, there was no other path to follow, even though it barely existed in the commercial world of beauty and skincare products. This way of creating skincare products was the only way I could align with. If ISUN could not offer a quantum healing effect overall that embraced a potential for self-discovery and heightened awareness within individuals as it transformed and rejuvenated skin, from my perspective it was not worth the effort.

Your efforts have made ISUN a global success. you're at an age when many people have retired and are enjoying a more leisure life, yet you're still active with ISUN. Where do you see yourself and ISUN in the future?

ISUN will continue to shine and spread Light around the world whether I'm here or not. I'm truly blessed to have a dedicated, skilled and 'conscious' team of co-workers and strong leadership and managers who share the vision and intention that has sustained ISUN for these years. I'll always hold the vision for ISUN strong and flow with what is natural to inspire our team and our clients. Presently, I collaborate with our management leaders, but have taken a back seat in activity with those roles but do remain active in R&R with new products development and formulations. However, I'm primarily focused on education and marketing.

As I move away from being full-time active, I'll move into my love for writing and teaching as a way of inspiring and uplifting others to discover who they truly are beyond bodies and personalities we tend to identify ourselves with. This discovery is the most important thing that can happen in one's life. It changes your perspective in every way and is a sure path to inner peace, joy and freedom.

What is a necessary luxury you must-have?

Silence. Masters teach that silence is the mother of all creativity, beauty, love and inspiration. I have found this to be true since I was a young child. Through silence came the inspiration, manifestation and all the expressions of ISUN. Through silence and 'listening', ISUN will continue to express, flourish and serve humanity.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

Freedom is absolute when you say 'YES' to truth without hesitation or compromise. Walk your path with an open heart knowing and seeing the divine at play in all of life and all of life's circumstances whether they appear good or bad. Stay open to this truth and effortless grace and true freedom will follow. If this advice that formed my life and inspired ISUN can inspire others, then we have served our purpose.

27 mai, 2020 — Tracey Annette Drabloes